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Adoption Photos of Waiting Children, Infants, Babies, Orphans. Photos, Pictures
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As you approach the adoption process, there's a point at which you either receive a referral from an agency of a particular child, or you are matched with a particular child.   Your first "contact" will most likely be a photo, and no matter how sharply focused or unfocused that photo may be, it becomes a talisman!   (Many families are including their children's referral photos in their albums created in the Photo Gallery.)

But there's a more serious side to adoption photos: As you proceed with paperwork and before you have the opportunity to meet with the child, be sure to ask your agency or worker for pictures. In the case of international and state adoptions, in addition to adoption photos, you may be given videos of the child in action.

These additional photos and videos may offer (in conjunction with documentation you receive) enough information to a trained medical specialist about concerns you may have. If there isn't enough information in your child's medical history (international adoptions) or if you don't fully understand some of the medical language, do take the adoption photos, videos (if available), and accompanying paperwork to a specialist or a pediatrician for a clear-language explanation.

Adoption can be joyous and rewarding, and having complete information and good education about what lies ahead is the best way to start.

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