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Whatsa martyr with you?
The ingenue of Tom Wolfe's new novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons, by rights should have been a martyr to debauched university life. By sparing his protagonist from martyrdom, Wolfe, rather than holding up the mirror of tragedy to his public, ultimately gives us a smiley-face - and thereby comes close to the literary ideal of US neo-conservatives. (Jan 24, '05)

Two cheers for hypocrisy
The blue-state metrosexuals ridicule as "hypocrites" church-going folk who re-elected US President George W Bush. Yet apart from the saintly, only the unashamedly wicked are guiltless of hypocrisy. The rest of us give lip-service to standards we cannot or will not live up to. It is what makes life, which is by definition a failure, livable. (Jan 18, '05)

For whom the chopper lands
For the aborigines of the Sentinel Islands, the last stone-age people to resist contact with the world, an Indian Coast Guard helicopter landing on their shores seemed a direr threat than the tsunami: it appeared as an exterminating angel. The Sentinelese, for the time being, have kept the chopper at bay. Others are not so fortunate. (Jan 10, '05)

Is 'Americanism' a religion?
Islamists and neo-conservatives concur in calling "Americanism" a religion, for entirely different reasons. And they are both entirely wrong, for both confound American religion with the Bush administration's strategic agenda. (Jan 3, '05)

Santa Clausewitz, a minor Chinese god
Santa Claus, were Christianity to disappear, would live on in China as a minor prosperity god. The Chinese love to shop, so do Americans, exemplified by the Santa symbol of Yuletide acquisitiveness. The US contribution to Chinese prosperity and success goes beyond symbols, however. The result will be Sino-American global duopoly. (Dec 20, '04)

Writing off Europe
Europeans hate and fear the United States, but Americans barely can summon the energy to ignore Europe, which they have written off as a decadent and soon-to-disappear civilization. Indeed, Western civilization, as the heritage of great Europeans of the past, may be harder to preserve than America's pension system, or the "Hooah!" of the US Marine Corps. (Dec 6, '04)

What makes the US a Christian nation
Few people doubt that the United States is a Christian nation. But discontinuity makes American Christianity a baffling quantity to outsiders; only a small minority of American Protestants can point to a direct link to spiritual ancestors a century ago. Yet is the very nature of America that allows Christianity repeatedly to re-create itself there.(Nov 29, '04)

Muslim anguish and Western hypocrisy
Smugness oozes from European politicians who demand that Muslims repudiate violence as a precondition for residence in the West. To repudiate the death sentence for blasphemy, as meted out to Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, would be the same as abandoning the Islamic order. (Nov 22, '04)

The assassin's master sermon

Horrified though they may be by the thought, Westerners have something to learn from the letter that Mohammed B pinned with a knife to Theo van Gogh's corpse after he murdered the Dutch filmmaker this month. The message: antagonistic modes of faith underlie the conflict between the West and the Islamic world. (Nov 15, '04)

Power and the evangelical womb
What we have observed in the demographic shift in the US in favor of "red" (Republican) versus "blue" (Democrat) is only the thin end of an enormous wedge. Religious ("red") Americans will continue to have children, and secular ("blue") Americans will continue to extinguish themselves. "Red" America, characterized first of all by evangelical Christianity, is thriving. (Nov 8, '04)

'It's the culture, stupid'
Liberal commentators blame the high voter turnout of evangelicals - whose numbers plausibly were the factor that won George W Bush re-election - on bigotry. On the contrary, parents become evangelicals, and evangelicals become political, precisely in order to draw a line between their families and the forces of moral decay. (Nov 4, '04)

What Osama might have told America
Everyone is talking about rejuvenated Osama bin Laden's videotape, but television channels aired only four minutes of it. What was in the remaining 14 minutes of it? Plenty. By the time an American child reaches the age of 18, he will have seen on television 40,000 murders and 200,000 other acts of violence. And plenty of sex. This is why Islam will prevail. (Nov 1, '04)

In praise of premature war
Rarely has the West suffered by going to war too soon. On the contrary: among the wars of Western history, the bloodiest were those that started too late. The West, therefore, should be thankful that it has in US President George W Bush a warrior who shoots first and tells the CIA to ask questions later. (Oct 18, '04)

When you forget why you hanged yourself
Frits Bolkestein is the newly notorious member of the European Commission who warned that Europe would implode like the Austro-Hungarian Empire if Turkey were admitted into the EU. But he, like many Europeans, forgets why Austro-Hungary choked on the poisons of its own culture, and so cannot see why Europe is doing the same today. (Oct 5, '04)

Squeegee men and suicide bombers
The anti-terror strategy of the US Department of Homeland Security has criminalized not only terrorists, but also their ideological sympathizers. What this means is that individual Muslims will suffer. Remember, either you are with us ... (Sep 27, '04)

Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran

The situation in Iraq might look hopeless for the US. In fact, as Marshal Foch famously said, "Situation excellent. I shall attack." The target will be Iran, and Iraq will no longer be a problem as it will cease to exist. (Sep 20, '04)

Why Americans love George
Outsiders can see clearly that Democrats are cleverer, better dressed and better looking than those currently running the White House. But it is just the sort of Americans who know they are neither clever nor good-looking who will vote for President George W Bush in November, and that is why he will win.(Sep 13, '04)

Faith, fertility and American dominance
The Empty Cradle by Phillip Longman
This American journalist is not the first person to be horrified by declining birthrates among "modern" civilizations, and to extrapolate that anti-modernists such as evangelical Christians will eventually breed themselves into a position of global dominance. In this book, he hatches schemes such as tax incentives to encourage bigger families and save modernity from itself. (Sep 7, '04)

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Ask Spengler

Get it over with quickly
American hegemony today would be infinitely preferable to a contending mob of nuclear-armed states. (Oct 25, '04) 

Christianity and creative destruction
Responses to E Corcoran on the apparent contradiction in the promotion of capitalism by American Christians, to Bliss on "Israel-centric Judeophilia", and to Byzantine on China's one-child policy. Spengler also advises Joseph J Nagarya to go back to Sunday school. (Oct 13, '04)

Know your enemy (including Commentary magazine)
Responses to reader Jim Hughes on the differences in the challenges posed by communism and Islamism, and to Andrew Berman on what Franz Rosenzweig might be doing if he were alive today. (Aug 30, '04)

Of butterfly priests and Spengler's Chaos Theory
If it's love you're looking for, you could try gay Catholicism. If you want to kill and be loved, emulate Arafat: embrace chaos and make sure you only kill Jews.

Will African Christians
raze Mecca?

The secularists who dominate American foreign policy seem to think that they can export the shell of the American system, namely its constitutional forms, without its religious kernel. It seems that the peoples of the South know better.

Of vegetating animals and
annoying in-laws

Spengler replies to readers' queries on a variety of subjects.

Of Groucho, yokels, mullahs and modern 'art'
Dear Shahab, Jean, et al, In response to your complaints that some Islamic writers sound like Jewish mystics, while some rabbis sound like mullahs ...

Are Americans good enough
to be Americans?

An exchange with ATol readers.

On nuking Iran, ending the war, Heraclitus as hero
Dear Spengler, Do you believe that if Israel began destroying neighborhood threats - Egypt, Syria, Jordan, among others - they would be left to take care of business and solve a long-festering problem for good? - JBO

Dear Spengler
, Are the terrorists beatable, or should I just resign myself to the fact that Bush's "war on terror" is going to last for a long long time? -
Martin Leon King

Dear Spengler
, Is there ... a correlation between the cultural decline of the West and the fact that schools no longer instruct on the fundamental philosophical principles underlying Western civilization? -
Peter Taber

The agony aunt
and the eggstacy

Dear Spengler,
Why not open a fertility clinic in Madrid? Spengler's Sperm Bank - has a nice ring to it ... - Robin

The meaning of life
Dear Spengler ... Besides writing the truth to a global audience, couldn't you use some of your intellectual power to push the project of survival in your own country? - Ge Si Wen

Normality is overrated
Dear Spengler... Do you have any advice on how to develop the emotional and psychological tools for coping with anti-Semitism? - Uzi Amit-Kohn, Jerusalem.

Spengler's Universal Law
of Gender Parity

Dear Spengler, I am a society made up over a billion people. We have not progressed past 800 AD. We believe women have no worth or rights ... - PM

Dear Spengler
I am the chief executive officer of the world's largest religious  denomination. Through no fault of my own, a number of pedophiles have found their way into positions of responsibility in my organization. This has caused me considerable embarrassment. What can I do to discourage them? - Wretched in Rome


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