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Maine Adoptees and Birth Parents

1863 Apr 3 Male S. Windham,Cumberland,Me Adoptee Adoptive Family Searching for anyfamily members of my GreatGrandfather who died in 1880,his parents were Albion and Ellen Brackett, we believe my GGrandfather was adopted 0011
1886 Jan 15 Female Boston,Ma Other Adoptive Family Members I am looking for the family of my grandmother Maude Belinda Smith.She was adopted by John F. Smith and Mary G. Smith of Saco, Maine. She was adopted between 1886 and 1891 either in Maine or Massachusetts. Any help where to begin would be helpful 02-103
1891 Nov 22 Female Maine Adoptee Birth Family Searching for birth family of my Grandmother, Gladys Greene, brought to Martha's Vineyard several months after birth 01-047
1895-6 Mar 3 Male Portland,ME? Adoptee Birth Parent Father was adopted at age 3 or 4 and taken to Roxbury ,Maine, raised as George Howe at age 21 Walter Howe (adopted dad) gave George Howe $100.00 saying "I was told this was to be done and that your birth name is Norwood,you may keep the name Howe or Norwood". He kept the name Norwood as his middle name. Supposedly adopted from an orphanage in Portland,ME 02-101
1896 June 12 Male Portland,ME Other Birth Family This is my Grandfather. Born Harold G. Smith to Cora B.Stebbins Smith and George E. Smith. Supposedly adopted by a Ramsdall family in the Portland area. Then later when he was about 13 ran away and leagally changed his last name to Loveitt. 01-024
1900 ? Female Maine Adoptee Adoptive Family My Grandmother Alta Joy Smith was adopted when she was very young by a wonderful Minister, a Rev. Smith. I did not know anything about her name or family prior to that 0046
1913 Apr 29 Male Freeport,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee I am looking for my birth brother who was born in Freeport,Me he was delivered by Dr Hyde 02-067
1918 Jun 12 Male Eastport,ME Birth Family Birth Family I am looking for info on my Fathers birth family or adopted family.His name was Arthur Royce Whalen and he was born in Eastport,Maine I believe.I think his mother may have been Elva Whalen and father,John Whalen and that John Whalen and his wife Mattie might have adopted him. Any info would be greatly appreciated 02-015
1919 Nov 22 Female Bradley,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Surname could be King or the French name Roy or Roi given name at birth: On-Marie or AnnMarie Mary 2nd child born to Omer King or Roy or Roi and Obeline Marie St. Pierre King or Roy or Roi 00104
1920 June 20 Female Maine or Conn Other Birth Family My mother was adopted by Fredrick and Catherine Colton they lived in Lewiston,ME her dad also lived in Conn. 04-010
1928 Sept 28 Male Gorham,ME Other Birth Family Searching for info on sister of my Father, Raymond T Earls, Tuttle was his birth name, or any info on his Birth Parents 0044
1930 ? Male Maine Member of Birth Family Birth Parent Am searching for Birth Fathers family name. After Adopted initials were W.G.H. He was born in 1930.After his Mom died,his Father broke up the family.He was adopted circa 1937 in Portland,ME.His birth family was Danish.He had several siblings. 01-064
1930 Jun 10 Female Portland,ME Other Birth Parent Birth Parents were one Irish and one Italian 0049
1933 Dec 29 Female New Bedford,MA Adoptee Birth Family I was asopted when I was two.I am now 69 and aI am looking for anyone in my family.I knw I havea brother but don't know his name or where he is. My mother ws Dorothy Osbourne of New Bedford and she was my only living parent. I was adopted at the age of two in Portland Maine. 03-011
1935? May Female Waterville,ME Other Adoptee I am searching for my grandmothers sister.Their mother died during childbirth and Sylvia (?) was placed for adoption. Her birth mothers name was Glenis and her birth fathers name was Rufus.I believe she may have been adopted by a minister from Maine,but am not sure.Three of the children still living would like to find her 01-085
1937 May 18 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine.Birth mother was blonde. Baby boy adopted right out of hosital. Doctor who helped the birth was Dr. Leighton. Adoptive family is Ingalls 03-012
1939 Jul 4 Female Skowhegan,ME Member of Birth Family Birth Family I am searching for my birth mother's birth parents (my birth grandparents).Their names on the adoption records are Armand Arsenault and Janette Danis 03-013
1939 Aug 16 Female Southern,ME Adoptee Birth Family Found 00-56
Late30s early40s ? Female Portland,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Mothers maiden name Helen Mae Jewett,adoptee contacted her twice i think, once in California and once when my mother lived in Mobile Alabama,my mother was not married when she had this baby girl 02-088
1940's ? Female Maine Adoptee Family Members My Mothers name was Vivian Newcomb when she had two daughters in the 1940's.She gave both girls up for adoption from suposed "home for unwed mothers",she lived in Norway Maine,daughter of Edward H. Newcomb and Ruby Sawyer Newcomb. What little family information I have is,she named(if possible??)them both Donna-lee She later married and went by the name Vivian Blanchard. I was born Edward Blanchard ! adopted after her death in 1959. Would like to meet my two sisters 04-030
1940 Mar 21 Male Maine Adoptee Birth Family Adoptee was brought up in Lewiston, ME 99-25
1940 June 18 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birthfamily Birth mother Shirley L. Goding; birth father Ralph C. Smith.Was third child born to these parents,found brother Ivan who was born in 1939.Believe there is an older sister born in 1936 or 1937.Both birth mother and father now deceased.Birth mother was divorced from father and remarried Stanley Gramacki and w living in Mansfield CT in 1964.If you are out there please contact me 04-025
1941 Aug 18 Male Masardis,ME Birth Sib Adoptee James David Sherman was adopted in 1946 by the Pendleton family in Madison, Maine. Myself and his other 2 birth brothers and 2 birth sisters would like very much to make contact with him 03-009
1941 Aug 21 Male Augusta,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Bio mothers name :Cecilia Parent,unknown Fathers name.Possibly mother was a nurse.My name was David Parent prior to adoption to family of Manuel and Marie Aurore Amaral.Bio mother was French and possibly bio father was Indian native?? 02-047
1942 May 15 Female Bangor, ME Birth Sibling Birth Sister FOUND 99-26
1943 Feb 28 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Family Birth Mothers name on file 99-84
1943 July Female Waterville,Me Adoptee Adoptee Darlene born 1943 maybe in Waterville Maine, I was born 1946 birth name Arnold. Adopted separately 02-104
1943 Aug 8 Female Gardiner,ME Adoptee Birth Family Searching for father/family. Birth mother wants no contact. I was born after birth mothers junior year and she returned to graduate top of her senior class. Search for medical reasons. Baby Albee on birth certificate 00-148
1943 Sept 21 Male Westbrook,ME Adoptee Birth Family None 00-84
1944 Apr 6 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I am looking for any family member of the Galarneau family who lived in Portland Me around 1940-1950 maybe I was born 4/6/44 at Maine General now Maine Medical 02-074
1945 Jan 17 Female Lewiston,Me Adoptee Birth Parent I know my Mothers name is Eva Laundry(Landry)I was placed in an orphanage in Lewiston,my adopted parents names were Conrad and Saddie Fournier. I am ill and the DRs think it is due to family illness. I also would like to meet my birth Mother. I believe she may have lived in the surrounding area, maybe even in Lewiston 01-025
1945 Mar 28 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was born on Peaks Island on 3/28/45. Olive is my Birth mom. I also have an older sister Donna 00-88
1945 Apr 7 Male Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family I know I was named Robert Dolham at birth. I was adopted by a couple from NYC. 00-118
1945 June 6 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Birth Parents Name on file 99-85
Late 40s ? Female Lewiston,Me Birth Sibling Birth Sibling Looking for half sister.I have Mothers name 99-61
1946 or 47 ? Male Lewiston,ME Birth Family Adoptee May have been adopted by a Doctor at the hospital at the time of his birth 00-89
1946 Mar 22 Female York,ME Adoptee Birth Family Mothers last name began with P? rest of last name on file 00-74
1946 Apr 22 Male Bangor, ME Adoptee Birth Parent My father was born April 22, 1946, I am looking for his birth parents. My child was born with a medical problem and want to find out if it is heriditary 01-151
1946 May 6 Female Southampton,UK Adoptee Birth Parent My father was a G.I. from Maine called Robert (Bob)who stopped over in Southampton during July 1945.His family had a timber yard in Maine. My paternal grandmother knew about me but detroyed all correspondence to Bob, she wrote to my mother advising her that she was doing this so my mother never contacted Bob again. My mothers first name was Evelyn (Eva) Lavers of Southampton UK 02-008
1946 June 12 Female Unknown Adoptee Birth Family I am in search of my sister,who I have reason to believe is living in Maine.You would be about 5'2"tall with dark hair(Greying now),worn in a braid and rolled up in a bun.You also have a birth mark near your lip.You, I am told are living near the coast in a stone house and have a large garden. You may have the first name Mary,Linda or even Carol and were born between 1944 and 1948. I was adopted in Maryland and am not sure of the state where I was born,since Maryland can change the place of birth for adoptees 01-014
1946 June 20 Male Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family I was adopted in 1948 my birth name was Wilfred Richard Tuttle,my birth mom was Freda kennedy Tuttle Jewett I would like very much to find info on the Tuttle side last known address of mom was Newport, Me 1948 01-087
1946 Jul 5 Female Lewiston Adoptee Birth Family Mostly I am looking for my older brother Norman.He was told I died when I was put up for adoption in San Francisco,so he probably is not looking for me.I need to see and hold him so badly.Please someone out there please. 01-021
1946 Nov 10 Female Athens,ME Adoptee Birth Family I am looking for half brothers Paul born 8-3-1941,Oliver born 11-6-1943, Leo born 1-24-1945, Bmoms first name Thelma Bfathers first name Leo 00-43
1946 Nov 16 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family Birth Parents last name on birth certificate was Burton. Baby boy Burton was adopted from St. Anne's Home in Portland in the spring of 1947 01-027
1946 Dec Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family Adopted from St Annes in Portland 1947, baby boy 02-033
1946 Dec 12 Male Bangor,ME Other Birth Family I am trying to help my Father find his birth family if anyone has any info.... 02-016
1946 Dec 21 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent My Birth Mothers name was June M Tweedie from Thorndike,ME. 00-47
1947? ? Male Bangor or Belfast,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Searching for birth brother given name Forrest or Forest at birth.We believe you were adopted immediatly following your birth and were adopted by a couple at the Air Force base in Bangor Maine.You have sisters looking for you!!! 02-040
1947 Feb 12 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family I am looking for Birth Mother and any siblings.My Birth initials were M.A.B.S.(Name on file).I was born at Maine Medical Center 01-061
1947 May 7 Female Boston,MA Adoptee Birth Family Mothers maiden name Catherine H.(last name on file),from Bath Maine-Its possible that adoptee's grandparents were professional skaters 02-003
1947 Nov 2 Female Biddeford,ME Friend Birth Parent FOUND 9986
1947 Sept 7 Male Washington, DC Adoptee Birth Parent Adopted from Waterville,Maine Mothers maiden name Carey 99-22
1948 May 1 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family St Andres Home Biddeford Pool, Me. Interested in birth family medical history, possible relationshhip with birth parents, siblings, etc. if they so desire 01-101
1948 June 26 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Family Mothers name is Shirley Elizabeth Young Cookson.Father is Phillip Cookson.Iwas born Dianne Cookson but my name was changed when I was adopted 04-024
1948 Dec 10 Male Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Born at St. Joseph Hospital (then a home for unwed Mothers). At the adoption the Mother was referred to as Lorraine. Adopted by Alphee G. Lambert and Irene L. Turcotte-Lambert Dec 15,1948. Have been unable to find further information.Visited birth place many years ago,cannot locate in directories or through Diocesan offices 01-031
1948 Dec 20 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Adopted from St. Andres home in Biddeford,Me by Marguerite and Albert M(last name on file)from NJ. I believe birth mothers surname is H(last name on file) 01-096
1948 Dec 25 Male Biddeford,Me Adoptee Adoptive Family I am searching for my fathers biological family or adoptive,he was taken to a home in Saco 00-34
1949or50 ? Male Lewiston,ME Birth Sibling birth family Found 00-101
1949 Jan 19 Female Caribou,ME Adoptee Birth Parent My adoptive parents were Glen and Evelyn Wilcox. They are both deceased and I wasn't informed about the adoption until my brother passed away in 1987 01-100
1949 May 27 Female Dover-Foxcroft,ME Adoptee Birth Family I am searching for my birth father and or brothers/sisters.I will update when I get further information 01-102
1949 June 5 Male Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 01-141
Early 50s January Female Lewiston,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Her birth name was Linda Lee Sampson.She was adopted by her birth father or his parents 04-026
Around 1950 ? Male Saco,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Adopted by a nurse in Old Orchid Beach,ME his initials were S. S. 99-70
1950 Feb 14 Male Bangor,ME Adoptive Sibling Birth Parent Born in Bangor or possibly surrounding town.Born in 1950 adoptive brother born with the initials H.S. his parents were married at the time he was placd in foster care and adopted in 12/52 would like any info on Birth Parents or possible siblings related to him 01-121
1950 Mar 23 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Born with initials GAl Maiden name of Mother was Libby of Dry Mills ME 00-36
1950 May 9 Female Bath,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 04-027
1950 June 26 Female Waterville,ME Adoptee Birth Family None 00-27
1950 Oct 12 Female Biddeford,ME Birth Parent Adoptee Baby girl was adopted through St Andre's Home in Biddeford 00-110
1950 Oct 12 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was adopted by John(Jack) and Adele Brennan in "52" and moved to Hebro,ME.Attending physician on birth cert. was Donald E.Bridges M.D. 02-071
1950 Oct 14 Female Rockland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent A Parents brought me back to New Orleans,LA to be raised.BMoms Maiden name Cookson 99-87
1950 Nov 4 Female York,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 01-037
1950 Nov 20 Female Waterville,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Know who Mother is. Want to find biological Father last name initial is S. 00-140
1951 Feb 26 Male Calais ME Birth Parent Adoptee Last known where-a-bouts Oakland,ME 99-27
1951 Mar 23 Female Hartford,CT Adoptee Birth Family birth name Charlene Van F(last name on file)Birth parents came from Maine looking for any family 02-052
1951 Oct 11 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Family Birth Mothers initials J.F.R. the R. was changed to M at time of Adoption 00-25
1951 Nov 6 Male Lewiston,ME Other Birth Family I am helping my husband search for his birth family. Birth initials were R.G.. Adopted privately in Lewiston,ME to Thomas and Viola last initial N. of Mass. date of adoption was approx 1955 01-001
1952 ? Female Maine Adoptee Birth Siblings Birth Mom is from Ft Fairfield Me and was a nurse. She had a daughter born in 49/50/51 and twins born in 58/59/60 The girl and twins could have been born in Mass. I was born in 1952 in Maine Mothers initials were J.R. 00-42
1952 Feb 17 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Birth mothers initials are EM,and I believe place of birth was Saint Eliabeth's,I know nothing of my birth father 02-041
1952 Feb 17 Belfast,ME Adoptee Birth Family None 02-105
1952 Mar 11 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Family I need medical history-that's all.My Mothers initials were D.E.F. and she was from Monmouth,Me my birth initials were D.L.F. no info on Father 00-75
1952 Mar 17 Female North Adams,MA Birth Sibling Birth Sister FOUND 99-1
1952 Mar 24 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Mothers name Virginia Osgood, birth fathers name ,James Francis Lynch. Birth father attended John Bapst Memorial high school in 1950,joined the Navy.Would like to know medical history and if I have any siblings. Contact not priority but would be receptive to any relatives found 03-007
1952 Jul 5 Female Bucksport,ME Adoptee Birth Family Birth Mothers name was Bertha Spaulding Birth Father was Winfred Spaulding Birth Sister Ida Spaulding I know I have a sister out there and would love to meet her. And a half sister 00-116
1952 Jul 6 Female Gardner,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 03-014
1952 Sept 22 Female Rockland,ME Adoptee Birth Family FOUND 02-074
1953-54 ? Male Bangor,ME Birth Sibling Birth Family Brother was taken by D.H.S. around May of 1955 0028
1953-54 ? Female Bangor,ME Birth Sibling birth family Sister was taken by D.H.S. around May of 1955 00-29
1953/54 Winter Female Maine Birth Sib Adoptee I am looking for an adopted half sister who was born near Portland in the winter of 1953/54. I was born in Bangor in 1947 03-006
1953 Feb 14 Female Maine Adoptee Birth Parent I am looking for my birth father Robert Vernon K.(last name on file)I know he comes from Canada-I know my birth mom and she's well and doing fine,she has no idea where he is! 01-106
1953 Feb 26 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family St Andres. I am looking for any birth family members 02-004
1953 Apr 20 Male Boston,MA Adoptee Birth Parent Twins. Not sure of place of birth. birth ceertificate says Boston, Ma but my twin brother and I were adopted in Caribou-Home for little Wanderers. Think our last names were Cyr or Boulanger. Not sure on this part 03-015
1953 Jun 26 Female Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family Looking for birth parents or birth family 02-075
1953 Jul 21 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent FOUND 99-62
1953 Aug 2 Female Clinton,Me Birth Sibling Adoptee FOUND 00-15
1953 Aug 27 Male Rumford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent FOUND 99-77
1953 Sept 26 Male Lewiston,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee We believe this adoptive child was an identical twin who was given up at birth,he would have been delivered by Dr Gross. His practice was on Goff St in Auburn ME.As we are not sure of the time of the birth this child could have a birth date of the 25,26,or27 01-105
1954 or 55 ? Female Massachusetts Birth Family Adoptee Mothers initials were L.M.J.Mother was born in Brewer,ME 99-71
1954-56 ? Male Maine Birth Sibling Adoptee Born at the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine. Mothers initials A.R. may not know of me since I was born after him-may have been adopted by a couple in Mass 02-069
1954 Winter Female Maine,(near Portland) Birth Sibling Adoptee None 02-017
1954 May 18 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Born at Mercy Hospital in Portland,ME. Thomas Alan Hunt, adopted through Holy Innocence Home in Portland 01-010
1954 May 20 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent The hospital was probably Eastern Maine General Hosp.New family adopted me within 30 days since another male child had been adopted through the same group(?)male child born May 3 1951,adopted at 16 to 18 months possibly.My adoption was quick.Pricilla K.(last name on file) of Bangor ME notified her daughter Margaret there was a blonde blue eyed cute baby girl available for adoption.There may have been some connection with Priscilla fascillating the adoption for her daughter in Reading MA. Priscilla's husband was a physician in Bangor Dr. Henry C. K(last name on file) 02-009
1954 May 28 Male Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family High Cholesterol son shows signs of Marfans syndrome 99-53
1954 Sept 10 Female Bangor,ME Birth Parent Adoptee I would like to contact you if you are interested 02-089
1954 Sept 28 Female Lewiston,Me Adoptee Birth Parent FOUND 99-45
1954 Nov 19 Male Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 00-83
1955 Apr 28 Male Presque Isle, ME Adoptee Birth Family My Birth initials were J.B. 01-063
1955 May 5 Female Millinocket,Me Adoptee Birth Family I was brought to Conneticut by "mother" Renee when I was around 18 mos old to be left with foster parents Caroline and Ernest Olden.They adopted me when I was around 5.I have a half brother named Kevin whose last name might be Semenuk.He wouuld be now around 44 yrs old.My last name was Hauck before I was adopted.I believe my birthmother still lives in Conneticut.I also believe I have two half sisters. The adoption would have taken place in Hartford county. 02-106
1955 June 17 Female Portland,ME Member of Birth Family Any Birth Family Members Adopted by Leslie and Viola D. 00-131
1955 June 22 Male Clinton,Me Birth Sibling Adoptee FOUND 00-16
1955 Aug 23 Female Damariscotta,ME Adoptee Birth Family Looking for family think I have a sister believe mother still living around Damariscotta adopted by a minister in Camden facilitated by a Dr. Hawkins 02-044
1956-1966 ? Male Lisbon Falls or Lewiston Birth Sibling Birth Family Robert Reginald Ross born to Lorraine (Oulette) Wood 99-82
1956 Feb 1 Male Augusta,ME Adoptee Birth Family Given name Robert Lewis W (last name on file) Mother Beverly Ann W (last name on file)born 1940?Parsonfield,ME 01-088
1956 Mar 16 Male Biddeford,ME Birth Sibling Adoptive Family Looking for my brother who was adopted at birth 01-029
1956 Apr 2 Female Augusta,ME Adoptee Birth Family My mothers name ws Dorothy Mae Cloutier-Bedard 03-016
1956 Nov 17 Female Ft.Fairfield,ME Adoptee Birth Family Loring Air Force base, Ft. Fairfield ME 00-112
1956 Dec ? Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family Adopted fronm Holy Innocence Church. Mothers possible last names on file. I am desperate to find any family members 00-76
1957-65 ? Male ?Bangor,ME Birth Family Adoptee My Aunt is in search of her twin brothers. Named at birth Joel and Jonathan B. (Last name on file) they are bi-racial as is my aunt their sister. Birth Mother is caucasian her name is Doris Elisabeth B. (Last name on file) and birth Father is black know to be Wilbert L. (last name on file) . Mother is now residing in Ontario canada but was born in Nova Scotia Canada. I wish everyone the best. 00170
1957 Feb 13 Male Rockland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 01-070
1957 Feb 25 Female Oklahoma City,OK Adoptee Birth Family Birth Mother is from Maine 99-35
1957 May 13 Female Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family None 00-85
1957 Oct 10 Female Caribou,ME Adoptee Birth Family FOUND 00-163
1957 Oct 15 Male Bath,ME Friend Birth Family None 99-2
1957 Oct 31 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 02-098
1957 Nov 28 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family I was born at St Andre's home possible last name J. (last name on file) 02-034
1957 Nov 30 Female Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family I believe I have 4or5 brothers and sisters prior to my birth,my mother was 26 years old when I was born.I believe Dr. Sweet was the delivering physician 04-011
1958-68 ? Male Maine Birth Sib Adoptee Adoptee born in the Portland,Biddeford,Bangor area.Mothers last name Garland,born 5/16/42 02-076
1958 Jan 26 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 99-65
1958 May 7 Female Biddeford,ME Birth Parent Adoptee Birth name was Jamie Lynn Lawrence.I was told she was being adopted by a couple from Massachusette as soon as the hospital released her 04-028
1958 May 17 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family Adopted as an infant from St Andre's home in Biddeford,ME 00-114
1958 Jun 5 Female Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family I was born at 8:51 p.m. weighed 7lbs 1 oz and was 18.5 inches. Between June 5th,1958 and June 11,1958 is when the adoption papers were signed and I was taken home to my adoptive home June 11,1958 02-077
1958 Aug 20 Male Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Found out birth mother died in 1979 in auto accident in Maine...searching for any information on any possible relative 01-107
1958 Aug 22 Female Caribou,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was born Marilyn Mary Gideon.My adopted name was changed to Marilyn Mary R.(Last name on file) My Grandparents adopted me. I am looking for the correct spelling of my real fathers name 00-102
1958 ? Female Lewiston Sibling Birth Sister FOUND 99-36
1958 ? Female Biddeford,ME Sibling Adoptee I am looking for my birth sibling who was born at St. Andres in 1958. Our Mothers maiden name was J.(last name on file)who at the time was an unwed mother from Portland, ME 02-001
1959 Jan 27 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was adopted at 8 weeks of age, my birth name was Debbie but was changed 00-19
1959 Feb 8 Male ?Bath,Me Other Birth Family My husband would love to find out any information regarding his birth family especially for any medical history I believe maternal last name initial may have been C(Last name on file) 01-081
1959 Mar 26 Female Biddeford Adoptee Birth Parent St. Andre's Home,Biddeford Me 00-146
1959 Mar 28 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent FOUND 99-78
1959 Apr 10 Female Brunswick,ME Adoptee Birth Family red-head Birth name given baby G.(last name on file) 01-043
1959 May 29 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent St Andres Home 01-098
1959 June 22 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Iwas born in Mercy Hospital Portland,Maine and my adoptive parents were Kenneth and Selma H (last name on file). I was born with a heart murmur and adoption was finalized on 9-8-59. Birth Mothers initials were BJR 00-94
1959 Aug 10/11 Female Bangor or Portland,ME Birth Sib Adoptee Birth initials D.H.May have been born breach with a club foot, and blue eyes.Bmoms initials are C.T.H.F. Has looked for years and still lives in Limestone,ME 01-078
1959 Aug 19 Female Bath,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 02-078
1959 Aug 29 Female Bath,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 02-061
1959 Sept 29 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I am searching for my birth father,I believe he may have been staioned at Dow Air Force Base in Bangor Maine at the time of my birth, and his last name may be C.(last name on file),and I thnk he may be of German decent. My birth mother was Charlene L (last name on file) and at the time was working at Peters Candlelite Restaurant in Bangor.My name given at birth was Theresa Lee C(last name on file) and I was adopted by Linwood and Dorothy W(last name on file)The adoption took place in Bangor.I am searching for health reasons I need to know medical history and curiosity 003-002
1959 Oct 1 Male West Palm Beach FLA Birth Parent Birth Son Born Gregory Mayfield to Barbara Haynes &James Mayfield. Mother was from Ellsworth, Me 99-24
1959 Oct 7 Male Gardiner,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Please contact me. I would love to hear from you and start filling in the missing pieces of my life.Thank you for the gift of life 02-072
1959 Oct 28 Female Phoenix,AZ Adoptee Birth Parent Birth Mother is Dawn B.L. My Father is Tom S. (sp?) I was born in Arizona but my adoption was finalized in Presque Isle, ME I was adopted by Lester E. L and his wife Viola R. K. (last names on file) 01-019
1959 Nov 22 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family My Mother stayed at St. Andres she was Franco American/waitress in Lewiston,Me/has 3 older children by 1st husband/has 18 brothers+sisters/was not married to my Father/hid her pregnancy from other children/Sister Elizabeth cared for her.May have family in Canada 00-132
1959 Dec 13 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Family Searching for biological Mother initials were A.L.I. and two biological sisters. Mother and Father divorced in 1962. I was placed up for adoption.Mother then married a man initials R.G.. Birth Father, died in 1982 00-6
1960-63 ? Male Kentucky?? Birth Sibling Adoptee Looking for twin boys I believe were born in Kentucky. Initial of Mothers maiden name is H.(last name on file)she kept the babies for one year or so,before placing them for adoption. I heard they may have been adopted by a couple in Maine. I have no proof of this 01-072
1960 Jan 10 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Adoptive Family Mom initials are S.A.H. 00-161
1960 Jan 26 Female Biddeford,Me Birth Sibling Adoptee Birth name was Deborah ann Jordan 99-50
1960 Mar 7 Female Farmington,ME Adoptee Birth Family Parents married in 1959 their sur names on file 99-81
1960 Mar 30 Female Biddeford,ME Friend Birth Parent Any information about birth parents would be appreciated. I am acting as a third party go-between. Thank You 00-128
1960 Apr 4 Female Maine Adoptee Birth Family Born at Maine Medical Center. Birth Last Initial C(Last name on file) 01-0160
1960 Apr 28 Female Des Moines,Iowa Adoptee Birth Family Birth Brother may be living in Maine and is a twin 99-88
1960 June 9 Male Brigeton,ME Adoptee Birth Family I've already located/talked with my birth mother and have also had contact with her brother,my birth uncle but would like to contact my 4 siblings from her late marriage-my birth mother had me when she was very young and went on to have 4 more children. Ironically,I know she named her first son Todd 04-003
1960 June 12? Twin boys abd girl Augusta,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Both were premature at birth and there was some questions as to was one going to make it or not..they both weighed less then 3lbs at birth i still heve their birth cards from the ends kof their hospital bassenets..his initials were R.D.S and her initials were T.M.S. at birth. any info would be helpful 01-012
1960 Jul 7 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family St Andres Home 00-125
1960 Jul 13 Female Dexter,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Mothers initials were G.W.(Name on file)she would be around 58 years old.Fathers name may have began with T or J(names on file)but not sure on that one. The name I was given at birth was S.M.W.(name on file)There may be siblings. Adoption was through Department of Human Services 01-051
1960 Sept 10 Male Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was told I was born in Lewiston.Then adopted sometime after that.I think I was a state of Maine adoption but not a newborn at adoption time.My baby book says I weighed 10lbs 4 ozs. I had golden hair,but it has now turned dark I have blue eyes.I was hoping to find my birth parents and or any sisters and brothers I may have 02-035
1960 Sept 15 Female Portland,Me Birth Parent Adoptee Born at Maine Medical Center-adoption proceedings went thru Children's Home Society-case worker was a lady by the name of Backintoss (msp)-birthdate could have been the 16th but I don't think so-late at night on the 15th when I went to hospital 01-065
1960 Oct 17 Male Biddeford,Me Adoptee Birth Mother Adopted from ST. Andres home in Biddeford, Me 99-33
1961 Jan 9 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Original name wa Brenda Lee Ellis and was born at Mercy Hospital in Portland. Have 5 brothers and sisters 03-003
1961 Feb 17? Female Unknown Adoptee Birth Parent I was born Feb 17 or around there.I know very little about my bmother or the place i was born.I was placed on Feb 23 1961 in a home in Upstate NY called Johnson City NY the Att. was Mr Ceneski. Was adopted to Fred and Arlene C. they had one adopted son in the home at the time of my adoption .They lost their own child in 1960 at birth.I have a false BC showing I was born in Johnson city which I know is not true. All I know about my bmom is that she was young and was of Irish decent. I have brown hair and hazel eyes and stand 5'2" at birth I had blond hair and big blue eyes and pug nose,lite tone skin and a lot of moles and frecklesPlease contact me if you think I could be your daughter I would like to come home 01-015
1961 Apr 27 Male Augusta,Me Adoptee Birth Family My name was Ricky Lee Preo Looking for medical history of family and also curious04-020
1961 May 29 Female Boston,Ma Adoptee Birth Family Birth Mother was from Eliot Me,Adopted through Maine Home for Little Wanderers in Waterville 00-12
1961 June 2 Female Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Birth Place Bangor General Hospital 00-160
1961 Jun 5 Female Newport,RI Adoptee Birth Parent I am looking for my birth father to find out medical history. and or any siblings I may have.Birth name Graves.Mother was from Ellsworth Maine 02-046
1961 Jun 25 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family I have a twin brother.We were adopted together from St. Andre's Home in Biddeford.We believe our birth mother was 19 02-099
1961 Jul 9 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 01-082
1961 Aug 13 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Family My birth Mothers name was Nancy and she was 21 years old. St Andre's Home 01-080
1961 Aug 18 Male Rumford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 00-3
1961 Aug 18 Male Skowhegan,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee We have 2 forms one says he was born 8/18/61 the other says 8/31/61 00-51
1961 Aug 22 Female Victoria,B.C. Canada Adoptee Birth Parent Birth Parent had been in several foster homes 99-37
1961 Aug 25 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 01-059
1961 Aug 31 Male Skowhegan,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee His initials were R.W.P. His birth mothers initials were T.E.P. he was taken to Maine Childrens Home then Dept. Human Services of Maine took him. They said a family in Mass adopted him. They said they kept his name. His family all want to know if he is alive and was he happy. He also had a sister that died of cancer. We want to tell him his medical history. We love you Robert. Bren 01-147
1961 Oct 16 Male Lewiston,ME Birth Mother Birth Son B/M Maiden Name Pratt 99-11
1961 Oct 16 Female Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Birth mother went to live with Grandmother in Norway,ME. She lived in Seattle,WA prior to pregnancy, I believe. I am in need of medical history. Initial of Birth Mothers last name was H. 00-71
1961 Nov 14 Male Biddeford,Me Birth Sib Adoptee Mother was very young at time of birth (14). She was sent to Biddeford, Me to deliver baby. He was given to Catholic Charities and adopted out of Massachusettts. I am your full sister and you have a full brother also 02-107
1961 Nov 15 Male Bangor,ME Adoptee Birth Family My birth name was Calvin Grant Tieboult(? sp)I was placed at two week old with adopted family by Good Samaritons Catholic Home 03-017
1961 Nov 25 Female Maine Sister Birth Sister B/M was staying with her sister who lived near Dow AFB in Brewer 99-14
1961 Dec 17 Female Biddeford,ME Birth Family Adoptee Name on birth certificate is listed as Mary Theresa Landry.Birth mothers name is Constance.Adoption was handled through St. Andres Home in Biddeford,ME.Mother was not allowed to call her family untill she signed the adoption papers 04-029
1961-1967 ? Female Bangor-Brewer,Me Birth Sibling Adoptee Birth Mothers first name is Valerie 00-14
1962-65 ? Male ? Birth Sib Adoptee My Dad has been looking for a son and daughter for many years.He doesn't know thier names or birth dates since the mothers family has made it clear not to contact them.The birth mothers initials are J.L.M. My fathers name is Aaron Cornett 02-050
1962 Jan 27 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Born at Notre Dame Hosp in Biddeford, ME. Dr L.R.Charest, Attorney Albert Cookson handled legalities Sr Hilda from St Andres home signed papers 02-010
1962 Feb 14 Female Augusta,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Was told mother was from Presque Isle and 16.My name was Lily St. J (last name on file)I was born with a type of dwarfism,not sure if it was apparent at birth 02-036
1962 Feb 26 Female Augusta,ME Adoptee Birth Family I am Cody/Kodi Rebecca,where's all my sisters and brothers? Josephine? Cheryl/Sheryl?Sheila? Merril? Lloyd?, Phillip? Possibly 3 more, our mom ws Geraldine Tracy, Clark, Farren? 04-012
1962 Mar 7 Female Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent born at Mercy Hospital 02-029
1962 Mar 12 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent Adopted from ST. Andres Would like medical information, friendship no pressure 99-43
1962 Mar 12 Male Biddeford,Me Adoptee Birth Parent Adopted through St Andres Home,Biddeford,Agency Good Samaratans of Bangor 99-63
1962 May 30 Male Biddeford,ME Birth Family Adoptee Found 00-52
1962 Jul 17 Female Hartland,ME Birth Daughter Birth Father I am looking for B/F his name is Harold Lloyd McIntyre 99-10
1962 Aug ? Female Maine Birth Sib Adoptee I am searching for my birth sister.Her birth initials were D.P.,the birth mothers name is Marjorie. 01-079
1962 Aug 16 Male Lewiston,ME Adoptee Birth Family I was born at St. Marys hospital in Lewiston. My first name is David 00-103
1962 Aug 16 Female Brunswick,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I was born Sally Ann Nadeau..Brunswick Memorial Hosp. on Aug 16,1962...Adopted out of Rockland,ME when I was 1 1/2 years old and I believe my mother was to young to keep me 04-014
1962 Sept 21 Female Fort Fairfield Adoptee Birth Parent My Birth Mothers name was Doris. My birth name was Tammy Lee 00-60
1962 Sept Female Bangor,ME Birth Sibling Adoptee Born at EMMC adoption handled by the state 00-17
1962 Nov 15 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent None 02-053
1962 Nov 26 Male Portland,ME Adoptee Birth Parent My original name on the birth certificate was Richard Morris.The adoption certificate shows that I wasn't actually adopted until several years after my birth,even though I lived with my adoptive parents from almost the start 03-018
1962 Dec 18 Female Biddeford,ME Adoptee Birth Parent I feel badly that I've waited so long to actively search,but now that my adoptive parents are deceased,I would like some sense of belonging or connection--and to offer the same to my birth parents if they choose 00-142
1962-66? ? Male ?,Maine Birth Family Adoptee FOUND 00-58
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