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Vivica Fox Kill Bill Spoilers - The Bride's real name
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Vivica Fox's Kill Bill Spoilers

Your Guide, Fred TopelFrom Fred Topel,
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The Bride's Name

Warning: This interview contains major spoilers.

When you see Kill Bill: Volume 1 you will understand why a Vivica A. Fox interview must contain spoilers. She’s in so little of the movie, the only scenes you can talk about involve plot points. But, Fox is also quick to reveal other details, like The Bride (Uma Thurman)’s real name. Apparently, that’s like knowing what’s in the briefcase.

Fox may be best known for her work in comedies like Two Can Play That Game, Booty Call, Juwanna Mann and Boat Trip. She appeared in Independence Day as Will Smith’s girlfriend and Set it Off as a bank robber. But she’s never physically drawn blood in a martial arts battle before, so Kill Bill isa first.

What name do you and Uma say when they bleep it out? Beatrix. Her name is Beatrix. It is weird right? Even when I saw the screening of it the other day I thought, “Are people going to get that?” You never hear her name. She’s just The Bride. Whenever I go, “Sweetie this is an old friend of mommy’s, Beatrix, Beatrix, this is my daughter,” it’s bleeps. And she goes, “Hi honey, my name is…” and it bleeps. See, you’ve got to go see it again.

Why does he do that? Because he wants you to come back and see it again and figure out what the hell her name is. Just to add little things. Just a quirk.

Did you choose your own fight clothes and how carefully did you? Cat, the costume designer [picked them]. To be honest with you, I was honestly so surprised how casual it was. They were like no, you’re a soccer mom. And I was like great. I don’t get to wear like a cat suit? That’s a bummer. We just made sure that the pants fit real nice and they had some stretch to them. It was cool. I got used to it, but I really thought I was going to be in something a little bit sexier. But I think that that made it even more cool that he didn’t go for the obvious.

Is that really you fighting with Uma? We did 95 percent of our scene. There was one part of the scene that I didn’t do and that’s when I go crashing through that glass table. Wasn’t going to happen. Pretty much that and then another rime when she flipped over. I was like, “Why didn’t you guys let me do it?” I don’t know. We pretty much did everything else though.

Wasn’t that a lot of training for one scene? Yeah! You don’t know how many times I told him how much training it was. I was like, “You guys, it was one scene!” They were like, “But you have to be [trained].” But when we filmed it, I got it. There was one time that there was something they had taught me over and over for months. When she kicks the table and I roll off, you’re supposed to keep your legs really tight and I didn’t and the table landed in between my legs and I had a huge bruise and they were like, “See. Didn’t we try to teach you that in class?”

Will you keep up any part of the training? Well, I do Billy Blanks Tae-Bo three to five times a week. It’s become a way of life. The diet that they introduced us to has become a way of life, too.

What is the diet? Low carbs, rice cakes, fruits, nut, you know, fruits and berries.

What do you cheat with? Sunday I makes tacos, hang out and watch football and drink beer and mimosas. That’s my one treat day. Or have some pizza.

Go to part two for Volume 2 details.

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