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PREGNANCY-BIRTH Messages for August, 2003: HCG 41,000 then 50,000 - incomplete miscarriage/etopic dx??

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HCG 41,000 then 50,000 - incomplete miscarriage/etopic dx??

Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:23:42 -0500 (CDT)

3wks ago- miscarried tissue (retrieved in ER) at about 3-4wks pregnant (didn't know was pregnant!). Trans vag US showed empty uterus. 2.5wks later, back at dr. cause feeling VERY pregnant. Large gestational sac seen. HCG level was 41000 then 48hrs later was 50000. DR. says either incomplete miscarriage or ectopic. Can this be ectopic when gest. sac present in uterus? What do you make of these HCG levels? Why so high if no embryo present? Have been having low, aching back (no sharp pains) and some uncomfortableness in pelvic area. NO Bleeding whatsoever.

Dr having me come for another US in 3 days. Am worried about ectopic and rupture. Should I avoid activity? Is 3 days too long to wait?

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