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About Family Source

Family Source was developed to provide families with a simple way to access relevant, family-friendly information and services. Family Source is a free crawler-based search engine provided by InteliMark Enterprises.

InteliMark Enterprises is dedicated to serving the daily needs of families worldwide by providing the most relevant information, products and services.

I do not want my website to be crawled. What should I do?

Our Bot obeys the Robots Exclusion Protocol. If you do not want us to index your website, you may add the following lines to your robots.txt file:

User-agent: FamilyBot
Disallow: /

How frequent does FamilyBot access web pages from a server?

In order to avoid causing excessive loads on the servers we visit, we do not request pages at a rate faster than one page per second. If you feel we have exceeded that limit, please contact us at and we will look into it and make any necessary corrections.

Our site is not included in your database. How do we get added?

Due to the focused nature of our database, we do not provide a standard URL submission form. However, you may send an email (containing one URL per line) to Your site(s) will be manually reviewed and then added to our crawl schedule. Please do not send us non family related URLS.

We are interested in Partnering/Advertising with Family Source. Is this possible?

Yes. We will be offering advertising opportunities in the near future. We will also be offering partnership opportunities to data storage related companies interested in incorporating web search into their websites. Contact us for more information.


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